Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Sales Down. Obama Surprised. I Wasn't.

Sales of new homes were down 33% from April to May. Sales of existing homes were also down. Your government said this was "unexpected."

That is because your government is stupid. The false-hope giving tax credit to first time home buyers ended in May. So all we had was a false picture of improved home sales based on government interference while the credit was in effect.

Whenever a government interferes with the unseen hand of the market, we the public suffer. Government cannot solve problems, it can only help ferment solutions.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Fiddling Whilst the City Burns

President Bush Press Conferences = 45 in 8 years.
President Obama Press Conferences = 2 in 1 year (on pace for 16 over 8 years).

President Bush golf outings = 24 in 8 years.
President Obama golf outings = 32 in 1 year (on pace for 256 over 8 years).

Bush did stop playing golf as he felt it sent the wrong message to the troops overseas, but he was lambasted all the same (watch Fahrenheit 911). Obama's press office said yesterday that it was good for the President to play golf so he could be relaxed and lead the country. The media tore Bush apart for not caring, but praises Obama for being cool and collected.

Tony Hayward (inept BP CEO) = 1 sailing trip with his son over last weekend.
President Obama = 1 ball game in Chicago and a golf outing on the same weekend, yet people are up in arms because Hayward is relaxing while oil is flowing. Yet, it was Obama who pledged to not rest while he fought the oil spill.

Am I defending Bush and Hayward? Nope, I'm just giving you the statistics.

Monday, June 21, 2010

This Is What Is Meant By "Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned"

Remember that kid in college who would learn some cool buzzwords and then filibuster the class so we could all be impressed with her? Wanna know where she is today? Listen to the first 2 minutes and you'll find out. Check out the stupid smile.

I want our military brass working diligently to get our people home, not answering moronic question from hack politicians whoa re trying to score points invoking images of the disaster de jour.

I want to sue Arizona because they sent this bimbo to Congress.

Watch your government in action.

Rahm Emanuel May Be Dumber Than We Think

Listen kids, if you want there to be any chance that the Left gets defeated this November, you have to make White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel eat his words.

He is telling operatives in his crazy, freedom-disliking party that complaints from the Right about the $20 billion Obama took credit for taking from BP to pay claims that BP was already paying for before Obama got involved will ultimiately lead to the Right's defeat in November. See, he thinks all of America, not just the lazy and dumb people, are still blinded by the non-sense Obama throws our way.

Sure BP screwed up. Sure Tony Hayward is a twee fool. But remember this...BP has already paid something like $25 million in claims - before your favorite Socialist even figured out what the hell a rig disaster really was.

Friday, June 18, 2010

TWIR: Special Oil Leak Edition

Now that President Obama and His Merry Band Of Congresspersons have decided to be in charge of the big giant Gulf Oil Spill / Leak / Disaster, I think it's important that someone with some intelligence weighs in.

This thing in the Gulf is bad, and it's going to be bad for some time to come. In the short term parts of the Gulf are going to be in bad shape, but it will get cleaned up and the eco-system in the Gulf will regenerate. But since the Feds have decided to focus solely on the Gulf of Mexico, let's look at the other pressing problems that have, well, simply disappeared. They've just gone away.

1. Jobs. Don't hear too much about jobs anymore, so I guess everyone is back to work.

2. The Deficit. Apparently shrunk because no one seems to be worried about it anymore.

3. Terrorism. Obama has triumphed. Except that twelve Afghan nationals who were training at an Air Force base in Texas, and who have serious security clearances, have gone missing.

4. Lindsay Lohan. I guess she's behaving herself because I haven't heard anything lately.

5. Illegal Immigration. Now that we've had to make part of our own country off-limits to American citizens because the border can't be protected from drug and human smugglers, we can all just stop worrying about it.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waterloo - Couldn't Excape If I Wanted to

Apologies to ABBA.

Anyway, I predict President Obama is going to rue the day he decided to get all up in BP's grill about this oil leak thing. It's bigger than both his intellect and his problem solving ability and it's going to eat him whole.

Watching that Waxman doofus attack Tony Hayward from BP really pointed out to me why politicians become politicians and CEO's become CEO's.

It's all about ability.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just The Facts, As Best I Can

I watched Barack America last night. I really tried, I really did, to be impartial and fair, but simply put, for twenty minutes last night the man lied to us.

1. BP began drilling the relief wells about 52 days before the Obama Administration got involved. Barack Obama is the only guy in the world who could make BP look good right now.

2. "Paperwork" has kept a near armada of clean-up crews from other countries from lending manpower and expertise.

3. The federal government cannot control a private corporation's relief fund. But, there have been relatively few complaints about BP's speed in cutting checks to affected people, even though Barack Obama hasn't actually fought for them.

4. One half of Obama's speech was demagoguery of the worst sort. Really all he did was demand support from us for his energy initiatives and job killing controls and taxes.

5. The moratorium on drilling is absurd and has in fact killed jobs already in the Gulf area. As adults we should be very wary of people who just react to situations by attempting to eliminate all dangers, as opposed to leaders who "fight" for solutions as a result of learning from experience.

Good luck America, you're going to need it.