Friday, June 18, 2010

TWIR: Special Oil Leak Edition

Now that President Obama and His Merry Band Of Congresspersons have decided to be in charge of the big giant Gulf Oil Spill / Leak / Disaster, I think it's important that someone with some intelligence weighs in.

This thing in the Gulf is bad, and it's going to be bad for some time to come. In the short term parts of the Gulf are going to be in bad shape, but it will get cleaned up and the eco-system in the Gulf will regenerate. But since the Feds have decided to focus solely on the Gulf of Mexico, let's look at the other pressing problems that have, well, simply disappeared. They've just gone away.

1. Jobs. Don't hear too much about jobs anymore, so I guess everyone is back to work.

2. The Deficit. Apparently shrunk because no one seems to be worried about it anymore.

3. Terrorism. Obama has triumphed. Except that twelve Afghan nationals who were training at an Air Force base in Texas, and who have serious security clearances, have gone missing.

4. Lindsay Lohan. I guess she's behaving herself because I haven't heard anything lately.

5. Illegal Immigration. Now that we've had to make part of our own country off-limits to American citizens because the border can't be protected from drug and human smugglers, we can all just stop worrying about it.

Have a nice weekend.

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