Monday, June 21, 2010

Rahm Emanuel May Be Dumber Than We Think

Listen kids, if you want there to be any chance that the Left gets defeated this November, you have to make White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel eat his words.

He is telling operatives in his crazy, freedom-disliking party that complaints from the Right about the $20 billion Obama took credit for taking from BP to pay claims that BP was already paying for before Obama got involved will ultimiately lead to the Right's defeat in November. See, he thinks all of America, not just the lazy and dumb people, are still blinded by the non-sense Obama throws our way.

Sure BP screwed up. Sure Tony Hayward is a twee fool. But remember this...BP has already paid something like $25 million in claims - before your favorite Socialist even figured out what the hell a rig disaster really was.

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