Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Fiddling Whilst the City Burns

President Bush Press Conferences = 45 in 8 years.
President Obama Press Conferences = 2 in 1 year (on pace for 16 over 8 years).

President Bush golf outings = 24 in 8 years.
President Obama golf outings = 32 in 1 year (on pace for 256 over 8 years).

Bush did stop playing golf as he felt it sent the wrong message to the troops overseas, but he was lambasted all the same (watch Fahrenheit 911). Obama's press office said yesterday that it was good for the President to play golf so he could be relaxed and lead the country. The media tore Bush apart for not caring, but praises Obama for being cool and collected.

Tony Hayward (inept BP CEO) = 1 sailing trip with his son over last weekend.
President Obama = 1 ball game in Chicago and a golf outing on the same weekend, yet people are up in arms because Hayward is relaxing while oil is flowing. Yet, it was Obama who pledged to not rest while he fought the oil spill.

Am I defending Bush and Hayward? Nope, I'm just giving you the statistics.

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