Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just The Facts, As Best I Can

I watched Barack America last night. I really tried, I really did, to be impartial and fair, but simply put, for twenty minutes last night the man lied to us.

1. BP began drilling the relief wells about 52 days before the Obama Administration got involved. Barack Obama is the only guy in the world who could make BP look good right now.

2. "Paperwork" has kept a near armada of clean-up crews from other countries from lending manpower and expertise.

3. The federal government cannot control a private corporation's relief fund. But, there have been relatively few complaints about BP's speed in cutting checks to affected people, even though Barack Obama hasn't actually fought for them.

4. One half of Obama's speech was demagoguery of the worst sort. Really all he did was demand support from us for his energy initiatives and job killing controls and taxes.

5. The moratorium on drilling is absurd and has in fact killed jobs already in the Gulf area. As adults we should be very wary of people who just react to situations by attempting to eliminate all dangers, as opposed to leaders who "fight" for solutions as a result of learning from experience.

Good luck America, you're going to need it.

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